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Winning the Game of Goals in 2020

12 Week Group Coaching Program

Start Date: Wednesday, January 8th.

Time: 6:00 PM PST / 9:00 PM EST

Format: Live Call Every Wednesday at 6:00 PM PST.

Can't make the call? Recording will be provided to you!

Investment: Only $597 $997 (Reg. Price)

(or 3 monthly payments of $216)

Text or call Anne for questions: 951-204-1821

Use Goals 2020 as subject please.

Course Description

Wow- It’s the turn of the decade!!

Where do you want to be in one year?

Are you ready to stop standing on the edge of your potential and start achieving it?

Are you really committed to changing your outcomes and making 2020 your best year ever?

Winning the Game of Goals in 2020

Grants you the ability to work SMARTER not harder...

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Developing the Leader Within You 2.0

8 Week Group Coaching and Training Program

Course starts the week of June 25, 2019, with weekly calls every Tuesday at 6:00 PM.

Investment: $497

Books Available on Amazon:

1. Developing the Leader Within You 2.0. Hardcover $18.35

   (Used books available for as little as $6 (Be sure it's 2.0 2018)

2. Developing the Leader Within You 2.0 Workbook (paperback) $13.38

Course Description

How are YOU approaching problems? Are you leading through challenges with solutions in mind? And how can you change your perspective? Developing yourself first is the key to transforming your problems into possibilities! Right now you lead at a certain level The effectiveness of your work will never rise above your ability to lead and influence others. You cannot produce consistently on a higher level than your leadership. In other words, your leadership skills determines the level of success your success and impacts the success of those around you. How they perform is simply a reflection of the person they work with.

Anne will be leading the group through a study of John Maxwells revised and updated 25th- anniversary edition of his now classic work in which he reveals how to develop the vision, value, influence and motivation required of successful leaders.

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking Workshop

Date: Friday May 10th.

TIME: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Location: Beaumont/Banning (TBA)

Continental breakfast and lunch included.

Investment: $197 Spring Special $129 (a $599 value).

Course Description

Are you a Business Woman Struggling to Up-level your Personal and Business Success? Or perhaps you want to grow your leadership skills for a promotion or to grow your own business

Do you feel self conscious or tremble with fear when you must speak in front of a group of people in a work or social situation? Does your heart race, your hands shake and anxiety take over which prevents you from confidently expressing yourself? If this sounds painfully familiar, you are not alone. The average person ranks fear of public speaking above death! I used to sweat, turn beet red, my heart would race and I'd panic when I had to speak in front of others. I learned to conquered my fear and speaking is now one of the most enjoyable parts of my business!

Join me for a one day interactive workshop that will be a powerful experiential training where you will learn:

  • How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking
  • How to Connect with Your Audience and Hold Their Attention
  • Body Language Basics
  • Developing and Crafting Personal Stories
  • Speaking from the Heart

Your result is a great feeling of accomplishment knowing that you can confidently take center stage at a meeting or event, hold the room and actually enjoy the experience!

Master Your Mindset to Win The Game of Goals in 2019!

This is an 8 Week Group Coaching Program delivered in one hour recorded calls every week to help you get off on the right foot, keep moving forward and achieve the amazing outcomes you want in the New Year.

Investment: $99.00

New course date soon.

Course Description

Are you struggling with the "Little Voice" in your head that keeps you tied to a negative 😵 mindset, bad habits and lack of 😧 success with the same average results year after year?? If you want to grow from average to success in 2019 - Get Out of Your Own Way and Take Action! YOUR MISSION IF YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT - is to Jumpstart Your Mindset for 2019 by taking 1 hour per week for 8 weeks to learn the truth about what's holding you back from changing your mindset so that you can learn effective strategies to master your mindset, gain more confidence and write a results focused 'Winning the Game of Goals Success Plan' you can achieve in 2019.

So, You Want the Corner Office?
Leadership for Women in Business

Date: Thursday, September 26, 2019

TIME: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Location: Marla's Restaurant 1310 E. Sixth St., Beaumont, CA 92223

Investment: Only $99 Fall Special (a $249 value).
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Complimentary Breakfast & Mexican Lunch at Marla's

Text Anne for Questions: 951-204-1821

Coming soon to Chino Hills and Orange County!

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Course Description

Are you a Business Woman Who Wants to Optimize Outcomes for Personal or Business Success?

Are you tired of being passed over for promotion and need to develop some power strategies to get what you want?

Are your leadership and power skills sufficient to get you from here to where you want to be?

Do you make unconscious mistakes that sabotage your career (asking permission, holding your tongue, limiting your possibilities) or are you having difficulty transitioning from likable lady to winning woman?

Or perhaps you want to grow your leadership skills for a promotion or to grow your own business.

Your Mission should you choose to accept it is to in 8 hours learn at least 5 proven leadership and power strategies that you can immediately implement so you can get the promotion you want, the confidence you need and the respect you deserve.

In this Interactive Workshop you will learn:

  • The Unconscious Mistakes Women make that Sabotage Their Career (eg: asking permission, holding your tongue, limiting your possibilities, difficulty transitioning from nice girl to winning woman, letting the male business culture take advantage of you)
  • Understand the Male Business Culture and Use it to Your Advantage
  • Master Your Success Mindset
  • Daily Routines and Habits for Increased Productivity
  • Leadership Strategies that Get Results
  • Invest in Yourself for Greater Results!

Eliminating unconscious mistakes that are holding you back and discover valuable self leadership tips that can easily be incorporated into your business and social life to achieve what you really want!


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